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Enjoying the Season

Written by lindahubalek on . Posted in Blog

Christmas-1964I enjoy this time of year. The houses are glistening at night with holiday lights, and the weather definitely feels like Christmas is on its way.

We don’t have a big family to buy Christmas presents for, and my house decorations are low key, so I spend December just enjoying the holiday colors and music.

Our Christmas Eve dinner will be at our house this year though, so I will be planning and cooking for it, and enjoying the company that will fill our house that evening.

Our family, being of Swedish origin, has always had our big meal together on Christmas Eve, ever since the first generation settled the Kansas prairie. It’s fun to look back on photos that showed my parents, aunts and uncles as young people in the 1930’s and 1940’s. (The photo to the right is of me and my little sister in front of our Christmas tree in 1964.)

I wish I could see what my great-great grandparents first Christmas was like in 1869 when they lived in a dugout. I imagine they were thankful for family and the holiday spirit too.