Kiowa’s Oath

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Grooms with Honor Series, Book 12

Kiowa Jones, Clear Creek, Kansas, blacksmith, keeps to himself most of the time to avoid people who didn’t care for his Native American background. And it’s a good cover for who he really is.

Widower Mary Jenkins moved home to Clear Creek from Chicago with her two children after her husband died. She owns and manages a dress shop, living upstairs with her children.

But a fall down a steep stairs changes their lives instantly and forever. The secret Kiowa and Mary have been keeping to themselves is exposed as they need help from the townspeople, some who clearly are against acknowledging Kiowa and Mary as a couple.

The “sickness and in health” part of their wedding vows test Kiowa and Mary as they work through the crisis. Will the town tear them apart or make them stronger?

Kiowa’s Oath is a stand-alone sweet historical romance set in 1892, but you’ll want to read the whole series to enjoy the stories of the Clear Creek, Kansas community.