Butter in the Well Series

“Could well be the most endearing ‘first settler’ account ever told. Once a reader starts the books they are compelled to keep reading to see what will happen next on the isolated prairie homestead. Not to be missed!”- Caper’s Family Bookstore

Linda Hubalek’s first historical fiction book series is based on the Swedish immigrant family that homesteaded her family farm in central Kansas. They are written in the form of diaries during the time period of 1869-1919.

Butter in the Well

A Scandinavian Woman’s Tale of Life on the Prairie
Book 1, Historical Diary 1868-1888

Read the endearing account of Kajsa Swenson Runneberg, who recounts how she and her family built up the farm on the unsettled Kansas prairie.

Written in the form of a diary, you’ll live this Swedish immigrant woman’s thoughts, dreams and fears.

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Prairie Bloomin’

The Prairie Blossoms for an Immigrant’s Daughter
Book 2, Historical Diary 1889-1900

Through her book Prairie Bloomin’ (formeraly titled Prärieblomman), Linda Hubalek continues the story of the Swedish immigrant family featured in her book Butter in the Well. This tender, touching diary continues the saga of Kajsa’s family through her daughter, Alma, as she blossoms into a young woman.

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Egg Gravy

Authentic Recipes from the Butter in the Well Series
Book 3, Diary Quotes and Recipes

Fades recipes- we’ve all come across them from time to time in our lives- either handwritten by ourselves or by another person in our family, or as old yellowed newspaper clippings stuck in a cookbook of sorts.

Everyone who’s ever treasured a family recipe or marveled at the special touches Mother added to her cooking will enjoy this collection of recipes and wisdom from the homestead family.

Looking Back

The Final Tale of Life on the Prairie
Book 4, Historical Diary 1919

In this fourth book of the Butter in the Well series, pioneer woman Kajsa Svensson Runeberg, now age 75, looks back at the changes she has experienced on the farm she homesteaded 51 years ago. She reminisces about the past, resolves the present situation, and looks toward their future off the farm. Don’t miss this heart-rending touching finale!

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