Keep my Word

Looks for this book’s release this year!

An American historical romance about a second chance for a rancher and a former saloon dancer.

Rancher Anton Tucker has been working in Montana and heading home to Kansas when he happens to see an old friend on his side trip to Pike’s Peak.

It’s been five years since he last saw Regina, who worked in an Ellsworth, Kansas saloon. Anton was ready to court her back then, but she disappeared one night.

Anton’s first thought was that he’d have a second chance with Regina, but he doesn’t have much to offer the rich widow now.

Regina Waters left home for adventure five years ago, determined never to milk a cow again. She’d been a dancehall girl until she married a wealthy older gentleman. But her husband’s death spins her life out of control until she sees a man from her past.

Regina is in trouble and welcomes Anton’s help in trying to protect her and her young son. But she has secrets she doesn’t want anyone, especially Anton, to know.

Will it work out for them to have a second chance at love and happiness?