Have my Word

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An American historical romance about trusting others to form a new family.

Kansas Rancher Asher Brenner was relieved to escort Alva Wilerson to the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair instead of continuing on the planned train trip to Texas with his brothers and her cousins.

Shy and reserved, Asher had secretly admired Alva for years but was hesitant to court her. This trip together was the perfect opportunity to explore a budding relationship and the possible dream of a future together, raising sheep and a family on Asher’s grandfather’s ranch.

Alva has always wished Asher would look her way because they had so many common interests, from their mutual love of books to lambs and sheepdogs. But instead of exploring the fair exhibits, Alva and Asher find themselves trying to solve a mystery in the back alleys of Chicago.

Can they find the abandoned children and save them from harm before returning to Kansas?