Prairie Bloomin’

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The Prairie Blossoms for an Immigrant’s Daughter
Book 2, Historical Diary 1889-1900

Through her book  Prairie Bloomin‘ (formerly titled Prärieblomman), Linda Hubalek continues the story of the Swedish immigrant family featured in her book Butter in the Well. Even though born on the same farm in two different centuries, Prairie Bloomins main character, Alma Swenson Runneberg, and the author shared uncanny similarities while growing up in the Smoky Valley region of central Kansas. Both the third child of their families, they lived in the same house, played in the same yard and worked the same acres until each married and moved off the farm.

This tender, touching diary continues the saga of Kajsa’s family through her daughter, Alma, as she blossoms into a young woman.

“Hubalek takes the reader on a journey to another time and place with this sequel to Butter in the Well. Swedish traditions are intertwined with tidbits from Kansas history in this unique historical diary.” Andrea Glen, Editor of KANSAS! Magazine.

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