Nadine Trades her Partner

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Will Nadine trade one proposal for another?

Nadine Paulson, whose family owns Clear Creek’s hotel, wants more responsibility than keeping the hotel spotless, but her father hires a man to take over the job she wanted.

Wesley Preston moved to Clear Creek with his five friends because of a plan concocted by the older church women in town (informally known as the Peashooter Society). Each man is promised a job, housing, and a wife.

Wesley won the hotel job with a flip of a coin and enjoys working and living in the hotel. He’s in love with Nadine Paulson, but she’s not sure Wesley is her true love when a rival comes to town.

Nadine’s little sisters decide they want Wesley as their brother-in-law and take it upon themselves to woo their sister on Wesley’s behalf.

Will the sisters cause problems? Yes. Will their interference work? Maybe