Seth’s Promise

Seth's Promise by Linda K. Hubalek


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A sweet western romance set in 1888.

When rancher Seth Reagan left Kansas for a livestock show in Chicago, he never dreamed he’d be returning a week later with seven horses, extra carpet bags, and a wife.

Lily Lind answered a mail-order-bride advertisement, expecting to be a Chicago businessman’s wife. Instead, she finds herself singing randy songs to a bunch of drunk men in a saloon.

After escaping the saloon and finding Seth, Lily accepts his offer of a marriage of convenience to protect her from the saloon owner’s thugs. They travel back to Seth’s hometown to decide their future.

Now what? Go their own ways, or make their marriage real? Will Seth want Lily though, after he learns her secrets?

Seth’s Promise is an updated story of Lilly: Bride of Illinois, to fit into the Grooms with Honor series.