The Christmas Plan

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What happens when weather, family, and a new couple falling in love, interferes with the wedding plans?

The older members of the Clear Creek church women’s group, informally known as the Peashooter Society, successfully matched five couples who married this past fall.

When Nadine Paulson and Wesley Preston, the last couple to fall in love, announce their engagement to their friends after Thanksgiving, the group decides to plan a surprise thank you party for the Peashooters for bringing them together.

Only the friends know, as they decorate the hotel for the holiday event and bake hundreds of cookies, that the party guests will also witness the Christmas day wedding of Nadine and Wesley.

But not everything goes as planned when weather, family interference, and a new couple falling in love, might change the party planned for the Peashooters.

Party planning problems? Maybe. A happy ending? Definitely!