Molly Switches her Man

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She agrees to marry him in a 30-second marriage to adopt five-year-old twins.

Tobin Billings came to Clear Creek, Kansas with his five friends because they were promised three things from the Peashooter Society, a group of older church women who (kind of) ran the town.

One. Business opportunities, one of which turned out to be the livery he bought.

Two. A home, which also came with the livery, but the elderly owner still lived with him.

Three. A wife, even though the six young women had no clue what the Peashooters had offered the men.

Molly had moved to Clear Creek, Kansas, with her two sisters, Maggie and Maisie, mainly so Maisie would have help and company with her new dress shop.

Molly Brenner marries Tobin Billings after his hasty proposal for three reasons.

One. He promised he’d buy her livestock and her own barn if she married him to adopt five-year-old twin boys that were on an orphan train. In desperation, Tobin even offered a peacock, although Molly didn’t really care about that.

Two. She’d secretly liked the man who recently came to town with his friends and bought the livery stable.

Three. Those little red-headed orphans made her heart flutter too.

They married in haste. Now, they have to make their marriage work while trying to keep track of kids and pets.

Will the kids’ chaos cause problems? Yes! Will they fall in love? Maybe…