Adolph’s Choice

Adolph's Choice by Linda K. HubalekClick here to read on Amazon and KU


A sweet historical romance set in 1889.

Adolph Bjorklund… he’s always at Reagan’s parsonage for Sunday dinner when there’s a new, single woman in town. But they never turn out to be someone he can court.

Well, Kaitlyn Reagan decides to end Adolph’s free Sunday dinners by helping him order a mail-order bride.

Poppy Beavers places an advertisement wanting to be a mail-order bride to move away from her Tennessee family. She doesn’t have a photograph of herself, so she uses one of someone else…and of course, Adolph chooses Poppy’s “photo” from the advertisements Mrs. Reagan shows him.

Adolph doesn’t know what to do…except he chose spunky Poppy for his wife and he’s going to make their marriage work…somehow.

Enjoy this love story of trouble, sparks, and attraction when a Swedish immigrant man marries an Appalachian mountain woman.