Faye Favors a Foreman

Faye Favors a Foreman by Linda K. HubalekClick here to see on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

A sweet historical romance set in 1873.

Faye Longoria arrived unannounced at her step-uncle’s Cross C Ranch, using cash she stole from…a, uh “customer” to buy her train ticket. All Faye brought with her, was her three-month-old baby and extra diapers.

Confusion erupts because Faye looks like a twin to Sarah Brenner, who lives on the ranch. Turns out they are half-sisters, and the two clash with jealousy and stubbornness when Faye has to live with her sister and help take care of her sister’s newly adopted eight children, which includes triplet newborns.

Rusty Tucker, the foreman of the Cross C Ranch, likes the spunk of the young woman who grew up in a brothel, and he becomes attached to Violet, her baby girl.

Faye sets her sights on the foreman because she wants to move out of the ranch house and into Rusty’s cabin. Rusty wants a role in raising baby Violet, too.

Will Faye’s and Rusty’s goals mesh into love and a happy family of three?