Planting Dreams

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I’m a very vivid dreamer. And the colors, smells, feelings are so real that I can feel like I’m still in the scene hours after I wake up.

How the brain pulls up old memories and mixes it with current information is beyond my comprehension. The other morning I was back in a certain pasture ready to open the gate for the buffalo herd that was galloping over the terrain.

Worst dreams are family and friends in dire need of help in a current crisis. (I don’t watch 10 o’clock news for that very reason.) And I can still remember dreams from decades ago.

I’m also very good at daydreaming—especially when I should be doing something else—but that’s usually when I come up with my most creative ideas.

Planting Dreams book by Linda K. HubalekMy Planting Dreams book series is about Samuel and Charlotta Johnson, my Swedish ancestors that dreamed of a better life for their family. Being young then they traveling to America, I’m sure they didn’t realize what they were getting into.

But I’m sure their parents had both cons, and pros for their children’s dreams of America. They would have remembered dreams and wishes of their past, both lived and unfulfilled. And that’s just the way life is, both in the past and for us now.

I’ll see what I “dream up” today, both day and night— but I bet after thinking about family stories from the past— I’ll be seeing them tonight in my dreams.

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