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Pioneer writer Linda Hubalek's chair she bought at her grandparent's household auction.My Johnson grandparents moved off the farm and retired into town in 1958. I still remember two memories—even as a four-year-old—when the family moved them into that house.

 I first recall walking into the house for the very first time through side door of the house. From that door you could either turn right to go down the cellar/basement steps, or a step up straight to go into the kitchen—and I went into the kitchen.

The second memory was trying to turn off the bathroom sink faucet.  We didn’t have running water in our farmhouse yet at home and this was a novelty. I remember panicking while I turned both ways with my left hand on the left faucet. Being left handed, that was natural, but since there were two faucets, I probably had turned them both on. I can’t remember if I got the water turned off, or just left it running, but that was a memory I haven’t forgotten.

I think of these memories now because the white chair I acquired (at their household sale) sat in my grandparents’ bathroom.

It badly needs a new coat of paint, but I hate to hide the layers of colorful paint that my grandpa gave it over the years.  I feel like I’d lose a memory…

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