2011 versus 1911

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Finally getting some good sunny weather today after two days of clouds and rain. Now it feels like spring in on its way. Gray Cat is enjoying the sun too- moving to a new spot every time the sun changes its angle coming through the window.

Today’s project is setting up a Goodreads account to showcase my books and to list some other authors that I have read. (And of course it connects up to Facebook too.) I also plan to finish submitting my ebooks to Kobobooks and check in with the marketing on other site too.

Marketing takes more time than writing a book in the first place- but is needed so readers can find and enjoy my books. (I’d appreciate it if you’d pass on my blog along with links to my books to your friends too.)

I wonder what my great grandmother Kizzie had planned for today in 1911? I’m sure she had a standard routine with feeding her large family and taking care of her farm. But I hope she had a little time to enjoy reading today too.

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