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New Release of Nolan’s Vow

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Nolan's Vow by Linda K. HubalekToday I’ve released Nolan’s Vow, introducing my new Grooms with Honor series.

The theme of this new historical romance series, featuring young men from Clear Creek, Kansas, is based on these wedding vow words.
Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health; and forsaking all others, be faithful unto her as long as you both shall live?
The men have heard Pastor Reagan, the minister in Clear Creek Community Church, say these words to many couples over the years, and they vow to treat all women this way as they walk through life. Besides Pastor’s and Kaitlyn’s six sons, the series will feature other men in their community.

Nolan’s Vow is a sweet historical romance set in 1885 in Debra Holland’s Montana Sky Series Kindle World. Nolan Clancy finished his military career in Fort Ellis, Montana Territory and is traveling home to run his grandparent’s café in Kansas. His train is delayed in Sweetwater Springs, MT because of a snow storm, and he helps a woman feed the waylaid passengers in the café in town.
Holly Brandt grew up on military forts where her father was an interpreter between the soldiers and the Indians. Her mother, a full-blooded Cheyenne, and Holly’s two sisters died in Kansas before she and her father moved to the Montana Territory. Her father’s death leaves Holly orphaned and homeless until she finds work in a café.
When the café owner decides to sell her business and move away, Nolan invites Holly to travel to Kansas with him.
People don’t always treat Holly with respect because of her mother’s Cheyenne heritage, but Nolan sees her as a kind woman always wanting to help others. His pastor has always told him to respect and honor women as it says in the wedding vows, and Nolan realizes he wants to say the real wedding vows to Holly.
But will their differences, along with the townspeople’s interference, let them have their happily ever after?

This book in exclusive to Amazon, and only available as an ebook. There are fourteen books released today in the Montana Sky Kindle World. Enjoy them all!

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Look for new releases in the Grooms with Honor series in 2017! Angus’ Trust will be next!

Grooms with Honor series by Linda K. Hubalek