Trail of Thread by Linda K. Hubalek

Trail of Thread

Trail of Thread by Linda K. Hubalek

Historical Letters 1854-1855

Trail of Thread Series, Book 1

Taste the dust of the road and feel the wind in your face as you travel with the Pieratt family by wagon trail from Kentucky to the new Territory of Kansas in 1854.

Find out what is was like for the thousands of families who made the cross-country journey into the unknown.

In this first book of the Trail of Thread book series, in the form of letters she wrote on the journey, Deborah Pieratt describes the scenery, the everyday events on the trail, and the task of tasking care of her family. Stories of humor and despair, along with her ongoing remarks about camping, cooking, and quilting, make you feel as if you pulled up stakes and are traveling with the Pieratts too.

But hints of the brewing trouble ahead plagued them along the way as people questioned their motive for settling in the new territory. Why didn’t a Southern family have slaves with them? Would the Pieratt vote for or against legal slavery in the new state? Though Deborah didn’t realize it, her letters show how this trip affected her family for generations to come.

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