Cultivating Hope by Linda K. Hubalek

Cultivating Hope

Cultivating Hope by Linda K. Hubalek

Homesteading on the Great Plains
Book 2, 1869-1886

by Linda K. Hubalek

Can you imagine being isolated in the middle of a treeless grassland with only a dirt roof over your head? Having to feed your children with whatever wild plants or animals you could find living on the prairie? Sweating to plow the sod, plant the seed, cultivate the crop- only to lose it all by a hailstorm right before you harvest it?

The second book, in the Planting Dreams series portrays Swedish immigrant Charlotta Johnson as she and her husband build a farmstead on the Kansas Prairie.

This family faced countless challenges as they homesteaded on America’s Great Plains during the 1800s. Years of hard work develop the land and improve the quality of life for her family- but not without a price.

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