Tying the Knot by Linda K. Hubalek

Tying the Knot

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Author Linda Hubalek vowed to write a book about her great-grandmother Kizzie Pieratt after one of Linda’s last visits to the Pieratt homestead in 1982. Besides raising eight children and farming, Kizzie made dozens of quilts for three generations of her family, plus quilted for other people.

Over thirty years passed since that day, as life took Linda Hubalek on several different paths and careers. After researching and writing ten historical fiction books on pioneer women, then taking more than a decade off to raise bison on her land, Linda has written her book series about Kizzie and her quilts.

 Tying the Knot, the first historical fiction book in the Kansas Quilter series follows Kizzie Pieratt as she packs her family’s belongings to move from Kansas down to the Indian Territory.

As Kizzie receives trunks and quilts from her family to use on their trip, she learns about the significant moves previous generations have made for the betterment of their children, just like she is about to do.

This book series shares the stories and photos of Linda Hubalek’s pioneer ancestors that homesteaded in Kansas in the 1800s. The Kansas Quilter continues the family stories written in Hubalek’s Trail of Thread series.

Stitch of Courage by Linda K. Hubalek

Stitch of Courage

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Read a preview from Stitch of Courage now.

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A Woman’s Fight for Freedom
Book 3, Historical Letters 1861-1865

Face the uncertainty, doubt and danger faced by the pioneer women of Kansas as they defend their homes and pray for their men during the Civil War.

We think the Civil War took place in the South, but the plains states endured their share of battles and tragedy. Not only did Kansas and Missouri experience a resurgence in the terrorist raids that had plagued them in the years before the war, but the Confederate Army tried several times to sweep across the Great Plains and capture the West.

Stitch of Courage, the third book in the Trail of Thread series, tells the story of the orphaned Maggie Kennedy, who followed her brothers to Kansas in the late 1850’s. The niece of Margaret Ralston Kennedy, of Thimble of Soil, Maggie married the son of Deborah Pieratt, who story was told in Trail of Thread.

In letters to her sister in Ohio, Maggie describes how the women of Kansas faced the demons of the Civil War, fighting bravely to protect their homes and families while never knowing from one day to the next whether their men were alive or dead on the faraway battlefield.

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