Smör i brunnen

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Smör i Brunnen is the Swedish translation of Linda Hubalek’s Butter in the Well book.  The translation was done by Sylva Kleveby and the book is distributed in North America through the link above or through Butterfield Books Inc. NOTE: This book is in the Swedish language not English.

Excerpts from News Release in Sweden

 Smör i Brunnen (Butter in the Well) is an interesting story about what it could be like to immigrate to the U.S. as a Swedish woman in 1868. The book is about the Swedish emigrant woman Kajsa Svensson Runeberg and tells the story about how she, together with her husband and children, built their new home and their new life on the Kansas prairie. The book is written in the form of a diary between the years of 1868 and 1888.

The fictionalized story describes Kajsa’s life during the first 20 years on the farm in Kansas and is based on interviews with relatives and neighbors, church records and information from archives and cemeteries.

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Butter in the Well by Linda K. Hubalek

Butter in the Well

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Read a preview from Butter in the Well now.

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A Scandinavian Woman’s Tale of Life on the Prairie
Book 1, Historical Diary 1868-1888

Read the endearing account of Kajsa Swenson Runneberg, who recounts how she and her family built up the farm on the unsettled prairie.

“Go back to a time when there are no streets, roads or cars. Imagine there are no buildings, homes, hospitals or grocery  stores around the corner.  All of our family’s belongings fit in a small wooden wagon. The year is 1868. There is nothing but tall, green waving grass as far as the eye can see. The scent of warm spring air after a morning rain surrounds you. Spring blows gently in your face. The snort of the horse and an occasional meadowlark, whistling its call, are the only sounds. You are along on the virgin land of the vast prairie.”- opening paragraph of Butter in the Well.

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