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Harvesting Faith

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Autographed. Book 3, Planting Dreams Series

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Life on the Changing Prairie
Book 3, 1886-1919

Imagine surveying your farmstead on the last day of your life, reviewing the decades of joys, hardships, and changes that have taken place on the eighty acres you have called home for the past fifty years. Would you feel at peace or find remorse at the decisions that took place in your life?

This third book in the Planting Dreams book series portrays Charlotta Johnson as she recalls the events that shaped her family’s destiny. A mixture of fact and fiction, this book reviews the events that shaped this Swedish immigrant’s family as her children reached adulthood and has families of their own.

Join Charlotta as she reminisces about the important places and events in her past as she bids farewell to her mortal life on the Kansas prairie.

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