The Peashooter Society’s Plan

It’s 1892, almost twenty years after first mail-order brides found love in Clear Creek, Kansas in the Brides with Grit Series.

The older members of the Clear Creek church women’s group, informally known as the Peashooter Society, decide to help the unattached women in town obtain husbands because there are more women in town than men.

The group’s solution, with the backing of a wealthy financier in town, is to advertise that they will offer jobs, housing, and wedding rings, to the prospective grooms they pick for the unsuspecting women.

The young women are appalled at the idea when they catch wind of the plan until they see the handsome male finalists. Maybe this will work out after all…until the couples matched, clash.

Now what?

This prologue story starts the Mismatched Mail-order Brides Series. The couples change who they are courting, and fun and mayhem abound in this cowtown.