Mack's Care by Linda K. Hubalek

Mack’s Care

Mack's Care by Linda K. HubalekGrooms with Honor, Book 4
Available in 2018.

A sweet historical romance set in 1887.

Mack Reagan’s been building things since he was old enough to hold a hammer. Designing and building two blocks of store fronts for Clear Creek’s council’s Main Street project makes him a happy carpenter.

But carpentry is forgotten when the new doctor arrives in Clear Creek, Kansas…because the doctor is a big and tall woman, matching his gigantic statue.

Pansy Walline is right out of school and anxious to start her first job as doctor for a Kansas frontier town. Of course the town council who hired Dr. P.F. Walline doesn’t realize she’s a woman, but she’s confident she’ll earn their trust right away, if the love-sick carpenter doesn’t get in her way.

What happens when the town draws a line between needs and wants, right and wrong, and Mack and Pansy get boxed in the middle of this construction mess? More than sawdust could ignite in the sparks which fly between these two normally calm people.