Looking Back

Looking Back by Linda K. HubalekThe Final Tale of Life on the Prairie
Book 4, Historical Diary 1919

by Linda K. Hubalek

The inevitable happens-time moves on and we grow older. Instead of our own little children surrounding us, grandchildren take their place. Each new generation lives in a new age of technology, not realizing the changes the generations before theirs has seen-and improved for them.

The cycle of life has change the prairie also. Endless waves of tall native prairie grass has been reduced to uniform rows of grain crops. The curves of the river have shifted over the decades, eroded by both man and nature. The majestic prairie has been tamed over time.

In this fourth book of the Butter in the Well series, Kajsa Svensson Runeberg, now age 75, looks back at the changes she has experienced on the farm she homesteaded 51 years ago. She reminisces about the past, resolves the present situation, and looks toward their future off the farm.

Don’t miss this heart-rending touching finale!

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Ebook: ISBN-13: 97818866522248

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6 x 9 Quality Paperback Book, photos, 140 pages

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