Egg Gravy

Egg Gravy by Linda K. HubalekAuthentic Recipes from the Butter in the Well Series
Book 3, Diary Quotes and Recipes

by Linda K. Hubalek

Fades recipes- we’ve all come across them from time to time in our lives- either handwritten by ourselves or by another person in our family, or as old yellowed newspaper clippings stuck in a cookbook of sorts.

While doing the research from the Butter in the Well series, the author found old recipes and home remedies along with the family and community histories. The recipes had been handwritten in old ledger books, on scraps of paper, in margins of old cookbooks, and forever etched in the memories of the pioneer’s children Hubalek interviewed.

As a result, Egg Gravy is a collection of recipes the pioneer women used during their homesteading days. Most of the recipes can be traced back to the original women that homesteaded the real-life setting of Butter in the Well.

Everyone who’s ever treasured a family recipe or marveled at the special touches Mother added to her cooking will enjoy this collection of recipes and wisdom from the homestead family.

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  • maryirene t lewis


    would love to get ahold of this egg gravy cookbook how do i get it smiles happy quilting maryirene


    • Pioneer Writer- Linda Hubalek


      You can buy it thru this website (under the Shop tab), or ask your local book store to buy it for you. Thanks for asking and I hope you enjoy it!


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