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Stitch of Courage Audio BookThis month I have been working with three professional narrators to turn nine of my books into audio books to be available on iTunes, Amazon, and Audible for this upcoming holiday season.

It’s been very rewarding to hear my book characters come alive through these audio books. It’s like I’m getting to meet these characters from the 1800’s during their own time. They all homesteaded in Kansas, and now these women are telling me their life story in person. I don’t know what my ancestors sounded like, but I feel like they are reaching out to me now over a century later.

Ann Richardson, an audio book narrator is using her Swedish heritage while narrating the three books in the Swedish immigrant Planting Dreams series, and Prairie Bloomin’ from the Butter in the Well series. Ann, whose father emigrated from Sweden, is using a light Swedish accent to portray Charlotta Johnson and Alma Swenson in these books.

Looking Back Audio BookPam Dougherty, a professional actress on television, film, and stage is narrating four books. A master of different accents, Pamela is using a southern accent for Deborah Pieratt from Kentucky in Trail of Thread, a Midwest accent for Margaret Kennedy in Thimble of Soil, and a Swedish accent for Kajsa Runeberg in the Butter in the Well and Looking Back.

Heather Elizabeth Lynn Farrar is an audio book narrator and author, and she will portray teenager Maggie Kennedy in Stitch of Courage.

It’s amazing how the world of books keep changing and offering new ways to read and hear the written word. I’m sure my ancestors would have loved to hear audio books when stuck in a dugout during a blizzard. Too bad I can’t send these audio books back in time…

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