Mildred's Birthday, 1904

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One of the major questions I’m trying to answer for the Kansas Quilter series, is when Kizzie and her family were living in the Oklahoma Territory.

Great Uncle Ralph’s version is that three of the Pieratt brothers decided to go on the Oklahoma Land Rush and stayed down there for a while before moving back to Kansas. But of course, I’m trying to decide which one of the territory openings, and was it during for land rush, or later for a land lottery.

Kizzie had her first four children in the first five years of their marriage, between 1894 and 1899. Then it was another five years before, Mildred, her fifth child was born on March 11, 1904—107 years ago today.  No other children were born until daughter Birdine in 1909, when the family was already back in Kansas. (I haven’t had much luck finding school records in either place, but I’m guessing Kizzie’s family was there between 1903 and 1907.)

Another fun thing to find is a few photos when Mildred was a baby. (She is in Ira’s arms on the right side of the photo.) I can identify everyone. Some we know lived in Oklahoma and some in Kansas, so apparently the Kansas relation came down for a visit.

If only photos can talk— or if this was a video instead. I’d love to hear the conversations of the parents getting all those boys sitting still long enough for a photo on that porch.

Anyway, I’m having fun looking a photos and thinking of great aunt Mildred today on her birthday.

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