Love of Flowers

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Earlier this week I reminisced about the chair—and the memories— that have stayed with me since the day of my grandparent’s household sale on April 1, 1981.

My love of nature started on the farm where I grew up, but I think the love for flowers started in my grandparent’s backyard. There were flower beds bordered the edge of the entire backyard, plus around the foundation of the house. Peonies, roses, hydrangeas, and three kinds of lilacs first pop back in my mind’s vision.

I was very small when I was introduced to the very unusual green bells of Ireland, and the magenta globe amaranth. I remember the textures and smells of these strange flowers as they were nothing like a rose or a daisy.

The first item I ever entered in our county fair would have been cut flowers (or maybe a plant looking at this old photo) that were grown in their backyard.

Some memories last a lifetime, I’m glad some of my mine is because of my grandparent’s love of plants.

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