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When my husband was transferred to California for a two year project in 1990, I not only lost my job, I lost my identity. Simple as that. What I did defined who I was.
I’m an introvert, and I’ve always poured myself into my work…and then all of a sudden I didn’t have that when we moved. Plus life in California was sooo much different from the Midwest. From the weather, traffic, food— to the neighborhood— I was on another planet, lost in space…
Searching for what I wanted to do next with my life, I decided to look into my past as a project to work on. I started digging up information on my ancestors, which lead me not only the important dates of their lives, but also their stories.
What I realized is that all my ancestors traveled from other places to settle in Kansas when the territory opened up in 1854, or shortly after the Civil War when land was available to homestead.
They were from European countries, leaving family, community and the life they knew behind to start a new and hopefully better life In America.
As I absorbed my ancestors’ stories, I realized they could never go back, hear their parent’s voices again, see the faces of loved ones, or the scenery of their past. But I could call to talk to family, and fly home in this modern age. This realization cured my homesickness and helped me cope with the abrupt changes that cropped up on my path.
This time away from home and loved ones led me to my writing career, and finally back to living on the prairie when my family homesteaded.
Sharing my ancestors’ stories have helped others see what the pioneers did for all of us—a look at the past to appreciate what we have now. I hope you’ll read the Trail of Thread series to get an insight on your family’s history too.

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