Little Esther

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Cultivating Hope by Linda K. Hubalek, 2nd book in the Planting Dreams series.I’ve seen very few photos of my great-great grandparents and their children while the family was young, but then due to the times and expense, photos just weren’t taken.

Yesterday I showed you a photo of their house with a little explanation of why that picture was taken. I’m guessing the photos of the children in their caskets were the only ones ever taken of those two.  

There are also photos of their other children in the old album book too, so the Johnson’s took advantage of having the photographer out and took pictures of everyone. Charlotta had already lost two other children in 1870, and I’m sure she wished she had a photo for their memories too.

Here’s a photo of little Esther I featured in Cultivating Hope. She would have been five years old then. Look at the little dress and boots. All dressed up—for the photographer and the funeral…

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