Hello 2014!

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2013 just flew by, and at times I wonder where I spent my time.

Well, I do know…My husband and I completed building our own home from scratch (it was a two-year project), and my dad fell and broke his hip (but back home with continual help from me and others). I also expanded my gardens this summer, and read a lot of books on my Kindle. (My current favorite genre at the moment is western romance.)

Kizzie's Legacy by Linda K. Hubalek2014 brings a new year, and plans for my 60th birthday. The Kansas Quilter series will be published this year, I’m going to take care of my body (I’ll eat only the best quality dark chocolate) and I’m going to enjoy life!

To celebrate the big 60, I’d like to go to Las Vegas to the National Rodeo Finals in December. Why you ask?

1) You see above what I like to read right now and there will be lots of cowboys there, 2) I grew up riding horses and going to rodeos, 3) I’d like to see Las Vegas once in my life. If any of you are rodeo fans and have been to the NRF, please send me a note of what to do while there.

Sound like a good plan? Please join me in my adventure this year as I ride, read, and write in the 1800’s and 2014!

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