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Many of my book readers may not realize we’ve raised American buffalo since 1999. Since 1999 to last year, my blog was about our bison herd and our farm attractions – with only a little information about my books.

Our bison farm developed into a big tourist attraction over the years to the point it was more work involved that we (and the herd) wanted to deal with, so we drastically changed directions over a year ago to a simpler life without tourists. (And that’s why I now have time to devote to my writing again…)

 I get google alerts on my name to track my author marketing, and last night, low and behold, there as a five minute video from about six years ago when America’s Heartland did a TV segment on me and our tourist attraction.  Because of the internet, that video will live on forever.

I watched it again, (and thinking about the filming behind it which was a hoot when the camera man realized how fast a buffalo could move) and so glad that now we enjoy quiet time with the buffalo instead.

I took this picture of Darcy and her little 10-month old bull calf yesterday in the pasture. (It’s he just a cutie with his growing horns?) Life is much calmer now for both us and them compared to the video of my past. Sorry tourists, but I’ll only share my buffalo by photos now…

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