Foot Surgery

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Last year in my blog of April 16, 2010 I wrote: “Glad I wasn’t in pioneer times this week. Last Saturday I was walking through the pasture looking for some wild yarrow plants to dig up and plant in my flower beds.
I caught my foot in a badger hole that I didn’t see and all of a sudden I was face down in the grass.

Rats. By the time I sat up and got my shoe off, my ankle was swollen and turning as lavender as the darkest lilacs.
Thank goodness for a cell phone (to get me out of the pasture), X-rays (to show I didn’t break any bones) and crutches (to move around this week).”

April 22, 2011: Now a year later I’ve still been having problems with my left foot so had surgery this week to repair tendons torn in my fall a year ago.

Most of this week I’ve ignored the computer and spent my days with  my foot elevated in bed, moving around on crutches again, and enjoying naps (due to pain pills), reading romance novels and savoring chocolate (when awake).

Once again I’m glad I’m not a pioneer this week and had the option to repair my foot!

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