Contests to win new book, Tying the Knot

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Author Linda Hubalek and great grandmother

Kizzie Pieratt & Linda Hubalek, 1959

Enter contests for my new book Tying the Knot

Please enjoy my new book, post a review online somewhere, and tell your friends and family about it. I appreciate it!

AND, there are three places you can win free books.  I’m giving away three print copies of Tying the Knot at a Goodreads contest. If you want to win one of five ebook copies, either go on my author website or Facebook contest.

Who is in this photo with this blog? It’s me at age five with my great grandmother Kizzie, who was age 85 at the time, taken back in 1959. It’s hard to believe the influence she had on me at a young age, but I must have been impressed with her stories even back then.

Enjoy my new book from the Kansas prairie!

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  • Gladys Paradowski


    My maternal grandmother outlived two husbands and came to live with my mom and dad to take care of my sister and me while my mother worked in my dad’s grocery store. My grandmother was as sweet a person as you could ever meet and it was wonderful having her care. She taught me my ABC’s and to count to 100 when we were in bed together at night. She had me well prepared to start to school.


    • lindahubalek


      Sounds like you had a great grandmother! Thanks for sharing your remembrance of her with us.


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