The Clear Creek Legacy Series

What happens to your ancestor’s things once they are gone?

Are they passed down through the generations? Do any of your family have the same occupation as a great or great-great grandparent?

The Clear Creek Legacy Series explores how the current (fictional) residents of Clear Creek, Kansas are affected by something left to them by one of their ancestors.

Couples from the Brides with Grit and Grooms with Honor series will be visited again as the new characters in the Clear Creek Legacy series tells stories of the past.

Current and upcoming titles include:

The Saddler’s Legacy (featuring the Shepard families)

The Rancher’s Birthright (featuring the Reagan families)

The Cowboy’s Heritage (featuring the Hamner families)

The Soldier’s Bequest (featuring the Brenner families)

The Marshal’s Gift (featuring the Wilerson families)