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Ancestors of Linda K. Hubalek, author of the Planting Dreams series.Sunday I toured the house that Charlotta’s sister’s family built so I thought I’d show you Charlotta and Samuel’s house on their farm.

Cultivating Hope, the second book, in the Planting Dreams series portrays Swedish immigrant Charlotta Johnson as she and her husband build a farmstead on the Kansas Prairie.

This family faced countless challenges as they homesteaded on America’s Great Plains during the 1800s. Years of hard work develop the land and improve the quality of life for her family—but not without a price.

Personally, looking for photos and then finding clues in them is always the best part of research book series. The photo of Samuel and Charlotta’s family shows a new house, winter time, and missing two children of the family. Hmmm…

My grandparents had a very old album that had photos of two children in caskets.  Researching the cemetery stones and church records, the children, Theodore and Almeda, died January 18 and 19, 1884—twelve days after Charlotta gave birth to son Joseph.

So, I’m guessing the photographer was out to take pictures of the deceased children, and then also took the photo of the family in the front of the house. The baby is not in Charlotta’s arms, so he must have been left inside since it was cold.

Have I drawn you into the story yet? If you’re curious, buy the ebook series now…

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