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Linda Hubalek's gardenAfter the cool weather and twelve inches of rain we’ve had the last part of July, I feel like August is going to slip right into fall.

My buffalo grass lawn, flower beds, and vegetable garden are looking lush and productive for this normally hot and dry time of year. I’ve really enjoyed the busts of color and produce I have around our acreage. Pictured in this post is zinnias with a patch of corn behind them. (I mix flowers and veggie’s together to make a unique visual scene to view from my porch.)

I take the summer off from writing to enjoy my outside flower and vegetable gardens, so our cool, rainy weather is shifting my brain to fall writing and projects. Plus school starts in a couple of weeks here in Kansas, so it makes me feel like I need to get back to a schedule of “ reading and writing” too.

I’m back working on the second book of the Kansas Quilter series now. This book is based on my great grandmother Kizzie Pieratt’s growing up on the Kansas prairie, and her moving to the Oklahoma Territory during the land rush era. Her son, my great uncle Ralph, had lots of stories about this time frame—don’t know if they were true or tall tales—but they make the perfect background for the book.

You’ll just have to wait and guess how the book turns out… But at least I’m back to work after the summer break so you’ll hear more from me now in my blog and social sites.

Hope you have had a good summer too.

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