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Pieratt family that author Linda Hubalek is researching for her Kansas Quilter Book seriesHere’s another photo I’m guessing was taken in the Oklahoma Territory when my great aunt Mildred was born in 1904. Pictured with baby Mildred, sitting on her grandfather James Monroe Pieratt’s knee,  and — here again I’m guessing— his adult children, Marion, Ira (my great grandfather), Jimmy, and Martha.

Their mother Maggie, (Margaret Jane Kennedy Pieratt- featured in my Stitch of Courage book) and three other children had all died prior to 1883. James Monroe remarried his widowed sister-in-law, Harriet (wife of brother Belvard) and had two more children, Daisy and Kate, which were present in the last photo I showed you, but not in this photo.

Stitch of Courage, Book 3 in the Trail of Thread book series by Linda K. Hubalek.I’m guessing this photo was taken on same house and porch, but this time there is another clue of a house number 328 showing on the top of the porch. I wonder if this house is still there in Chickasha, OK?

Researching is my favorite part of writing. I never know when a clue might change the course and facts of a book— and my family history.

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