Book Reviews

A Review for Trail of Thread: “…..I literally could not put this wonderful and enjoyable book down. It is amazing to get a first hand account from one family that made the decision to move west in an unsettled territory.  In the book you will find a glimpse, of the hardship that our ancestors went through to make their westward journey. I have went back and read several parts of the book over and over again. Trail of Thread is one of those great books that will grab you by the seat of your pants, and keep you  interested until the last page. Then you will beg for more. The main character’s name is Deborah in this uniquely written book.  I could hardly wait to see what Deborah put in her next letters, sent to those that remained at home back East. Trail of Thread is very easy to follow and not complicated even though there are a lot of characters. Yes ladies this book was a exciting and enjoyable read. I really liked the idea of the letters and not full chapters. This book would be great as a take along book to read while waiting on appointments. You could read a couple of letters close the book.. then come back to it the next appointment. I love it!!! I especially enjoy the parts about making quilts and the patterns that are offered in the book.
I have to order the 2nd and 3rd book in this three part series!!
I know once you read the first book, you will want to read the rest. It’s just like the Russell Stovers Chocolates you can’t eat just one.. you have to have 2 …hum maybe 5 who cares.. you can’t do just one!
Check out other wonderful books offered by this great writer!”

A Review for Butter in the Well:“One of the best “first settler” accounts I’ve ever read! Hubalek’s story of Swedish immigrant, Kajsa, who settled in Central Kansas was riveting. I couldn’t put it down until I had read the whole book. Stories of rattlesnakes coming through the dugout ceiling, prairie fires, the joys of newborn babies and the heartaches of losing loved ones…. Reading Hubalek’s book shows that starting life as a homesteader was very tough, and the story was so real that I was working the sod right with her. Be sure to read the whole 4-book series, and her other two series as well.”

A Review for Planting Dreams:“I really enjoyed Linda Hubalek’s book about her great-great grandmother’s journey from Sweden to America. She worked in emotions, thoughts, worries and joys that any woman would go through when a person made such a life-changing decision. Can you imagine leaving your family, country, and lifestyle behind to live in an unknown country where you didn’t even know the language? Quite an undertaking in the 1860s. Hubalek did a good job of setting the scene for the rest of the book series, too. Cultivating Hope, the next book in the series is great…ranks right up there with her bestseller, Butter in the Well. I can’t wait for her next book… I’ll just keep re-reading her other books until the new one is out!”

A review for Egg Gravy: “A friend loaned me this book. I read it through and thoroughly enjoyed it so I ordered a copy from Amazon for myself. I’ve used numerous recipes already and plan to go again and again to the book for enjoyment and interesting recipes. For people also interested in the history and lifestyles of Scandinavian pioneers, this is a delightful book.”

Reviews for Trail of Thread:“This is a wonderful book about a family traveling from Kentucky to Kansas. The story is told by Deborah Pieratt in letter form to her mother, Betsy Goodpaster. Deborah wrote to her mother about everything that happened along the way to her new home. She faces many diffuculties on her long journey including a cyclone. She explains how hard it is to raise a family while traveling to a place she has never seen. I would recommend that anyone who loves to read should pick up this book. If you do, I hope you enjoy it.”

“The book was very interesting and showed the challenge and hardship of westward travel in a covered wagon…. I would read the whole series for the historical value.”

A Review for Thimble of Soil: “What an inspiring book. The facts and history of our country are extraordinary. I could have never lived as Margaret lived, what a strong woman. She was also a quilter, which I find important, since I am also! It was inspiring to read in a diary format. It seemed so real.”

A Review for Stitch of Courage: “This book is a MUST read for anyone interested in the early history of the American West settlement. The book series are very well written, touching and an interesting collection real life adventures. “