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Linda Hubalek with 4-H steer, 1965.In sixth grade we had to write a paper on what we wanted to do when we grew up. My mom had kept it and I found this paper while cleaning through my closet during my college days. According to my dreams back then, I wanted to be a farmer, but my last line was “but alas, girls can’t be farmers”.
But, I got my Bachelors Degree in Agriculture and Horticulture from Kansas State University, did agronomy research for years before starting a wholesale horticulture business. My company, Prairie Flower Creations, grew and dried flowers, ornamental corn, and mini pumpkins for the florist trade.
In 1990 I was featured in Country Woman Magazine, but at the same time, my husband’s job was transferred to California. I sold my business and tried to cope, growing flowers and pumpkins in five-gallon buckets on our “cement lawn”.
I started writing about the family and farmland I was homesick for and started a new career, writing about pioneer women ancestors who had moved to the new state of Kansas and farmed its land.
We eventually moved back to Kansas, bought land next to my family, raised bison and have a garden again. So not only have I fulfilled my dream to be a farmer, I’ve written about past pioneer women that have also tilled the prairie land of Kansas.
Author of the Butter in the Well book series

Linda Hubalek

Please read and enjoy my book series which are about the family that homestead our family farm, and my pioneer ancestors that homesteaded in Kansas in the 1800’s.
These stories are available as ebooks for Amazon’s KindleOr, you get free and quick shipping by ordering autographed paperback books direct through my Shopping Cart.Considered historical fiction, these books are age appropriate for everyone from age 9 to 99. Book, quilt, and Scandinavian gift shops sell them (or ask your local store to stock them for you) and schools use them in class studies to portray early pioneer and Kansas history.

Currently I’m working on my new Kansas Quilter series, and the first book, Tying the Knot is now available. Next available will be Patching Home and Piecing Memories.If you’re curious of what else I do, go to my other two websites, Bison Farm- that promotes the great American Buffalo, and Linda’s Buffalo Meat Recipes, where I post recipes featuring bison meat. My blog is posted this site, and on my Facebook page too.

Many thanks from the Kansas prairie, and please enjoy my books!

Linda K. Hubalek

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