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Buffalo's Chocolate

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 Last Saturday morning we spent time in the pasture watching the herd. The day hadn’t heated up yet so it was nice to sit on the tailgate of the pickup and watch as the cows sniffed through the tall grass looking for the range cubes that had been thrown out for them to find and enjoy.

The calves are starting to lose their baby wool coat and turn brown, a few spots at a time. They look rather unkept and splotchy right now, but by the end of September the calves will have sleek brown hair just like their mammas.

Ever learning from their mother’s, it was fun to watch the calves sniff the cubes, and maybe lick one. They aren’t quite at the stage of picking up and chewing one yet, but they know the older animals do it and get excited when they see them spread out – so they are learning it must be a good thing.

Because range cubes are a treat rather than a daily food, it’s a good way to train the buffalo to come when called. It might be for a roundup, or – if heaven forbid a gate or fence is down – you have a way to bring them back home to the pasture.

Think of it as the buffalo’s chocolate…